I remember coming across this screen print somewhere soon after I started my own independent graphic design practice. It must have been around 2001 or so and I’d guess that my friend Mark Owens showed it to me, although I don’t really remember.

It’s the work of Geoff McFetridge, a singular and decidedly independent graphic designer who has, nonetheless, worked with a constellation of huge brands in projects from illustrations to logos to identities to film set graphics and film titles to packaging to sneakers to digital watch faces
How do you work for others while also working for yourself? (Or maybe better, how do you do someone else's work while also doing your *own* work?)
I’ve struggled with the question myself, regularly. And here, this savagely cute gestalt bear sitting at a bar printed in one color and with pointed negative spaces looks like he has it all worked out. Perhaps he does. And perhaps so does McFetridge — in 2016, he won the National Design Award for Communication Design. Here, in his own words is what he does and why he does it:
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March 14, 2022
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