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Class Schedule
4 March 2019


February 4
Lecture — “I-n-t-e-r-f-a-c-e”
Exercise — What time is it?

February 11
Exercise 1 continues
Lecture —  “Zapotecs and Pulsars”
Exercise — A clock, *now* . . .
Reading — From Sundials to Atomic Clocks, James Jespersen and Jane Fitz-Randolph

February 18
Exercise 1 continues
Student presentations

February 25
Assignment 1
Lecture — “Olivetti’s Interfaces”
Reading — Design Interface, Gianni Barbacetto, “By Design,” Alice Rawsthorne

March 4
Assignment 1 continues
Project review
Demonstration — Adobe After Effects
Demonstration — WatchOS
Video — “Rams,” Gary Hustwit

March 11
Assignment 1 continues
Field trip to Philadephia Museum of Art to see exhibition Dieter Rams, “Principaled Design”
Reading — “What We’ve Learned from Dieter Rams, and What We’ve Ignored,” Alexandra Lange

March 18
Spring break

March 25
Assignment 1 continues
Project review, in-class critique
Exercise — Reading a wave
Lecture — “... meet the Tetracono”
Reading — “The Tetracone,” “What is this X Hour?,” Bruno Munari, “Reading a Wave,” Italo Calvino

April 1
Assignment 1 continues
Demonstration — Macintosh debut keynote
Lecture—“You Will (past predictions for future interfaces)” Reading — “A Note on the Time,” Dexter Sinister, “I am a Handle,” Rob Giampietro
Lecture — “Press Start to Begin (on the Metrocard AVM)”
Exercise — Please swipe your card . . .
Demonstration — 12 o’clocks, John Maeda, Reactive Books
Reading — Human Interface Guidelines (WatchOS), Apple Computer, “Material design,” Google inc.
Reading — “A Note on the Time,” Dexter Sinister, “I am a Handle,” Rob Giampietro

April 8
Assignment 1 continues
Junior Aspirin Listening Session
Reading — “Code: An Essay,” Paul Ford

April 15
Assignment 1 continues
Individual meetings and class discussion
Lecture — “Information Landscapes”
Reading — “Soft Copy,” from Muriel Cooper, David Reinfurt and Robert Wiesenberger

April 22
No class

April 29
Assignment 3 ends
Final review

May 6
Final portfolio due at 1:30 pm


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